Sunday, September 13, 2020

Humanitarian Assistance:


Corona Virus has influenced to the people in the whole world. The virus was able to change the life pattern of the people. This is the most dangerous pandemic that world has faced recently.  Sri Lanka was unable to escape from the virus. The government decided to lock down the country enacting curfew for the whole country.  Movement of the people was confined to the home. People were advised to maintain the social distance. This situation fully influence to the people who especially depend on daily wages.

Partner organizations of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement implements various welfare services for the people who need the external assistance to sustain their life.  Praja Sahayogetha Sansadaya which is based on Polpithigama, Kurunegala organized a welfare service being organized the people in the village to provide dry-rations for the selected families.  Around 100 packs of dry-rations have been provided by the Praja Sahayogeetha Sansadaya for the families in Polpithigama on 27 of March 2020.

Polpithigama comes second in organic gardening competition


The Youth and Environment Protection unit of National Fisheries Solidarity has organized a home gardening competition with the aim of promoting organic home gardens for its members.Youth members from 14 districts participated for the competition. The objective of this competition is to encourage home gardening and organic fertilizer production with the participation of youth.  

New personnel for “ Diriya Shakthi” women group


Election to select new personnel for the “ Diriya Shakthi” women group was held under the observation of Mr. Sanjeewa Sampath, District Coordinator  of Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya in Polpithigama on 3 of July 2020. The new staff was selected among 13 women in the meeting. The responsibility of functioning the women group was handed over to new personnel. The new personnel declared their future expectations and plans. According to the future plans, the women group expects to develop their fund up to 100,000 rupees through micro credit serving system. The women group has their own micro credit loan system among the members only. The members can apply small scale loan from the group under the agreed interest. The women group has a plan to develop the fund and increase the limit of the loan. As well as, this opportunity was used to provide face masks for the participants. Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya follows the directions of health expertises related to virus. It proposed to provide the seeds for the people in order to promote organic home garden being invited to Mr. Herman Kumara, National Convener of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement on 18 of July 2020.

Disinfection of public places


Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya organized a program to clean and disinfect of the surfaces of public places in Polpithigama on 30 of June 2020. The youth got the leadership with the direction of Praja Sahayogithe Sansadaya to disinfect the places. It cleaned and disinfected the schools in Madahapola, Makulpotha and Nikawehara, central clinic hall, Makulpotha temple and “ Sumaga” pre-school building. Mr. Sanjeewa Sampath, District Coordinator of Praja Sahayogitha Sanhadaya and youth participated in the campaign. 

Strengthen women’s income generation


Funds provided by Paraja  Abhilasha Network for dry rations were donated to two Polpithigama women's groups, Dematagala and Ponnilawa, to strengthen their funding on July 2020. Mr. Ajith Roopasinghe  and Mr. Kurunegala District Coordinator Mr. Sampath Sanjeewa also attended the meeting. 

Award for home gardens


National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has been promoting organic home garden concept for more than 20 years. The organization has implemented different programs to promote the home garden among the members. NAFSO organized a context among the members who developed the organic home garden in the network. It announced that NAFSO would select the best home gardens and award them. This was an encouragement for the members to develop their home garden as well. Most of members of the network developed their home garden and applied to the contest. Secretariat of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement visited all home gardens and selected the best ones in the district level. It used criteria to select the best home garden.

A meeting was organized to award the winners of the best home garden contest in relation to Polpithigama Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya on 19 July 2020 at the community hall in Maeliya, Kurunegala. The first winner was Mrs. E.A.Sriyani Darmalatha, member of “Samagi” women farmers’ society. Second winner was E.A.Iresha Ekanayake, secretary of “Samagi” women farmers’ society and third winner was E.A.Ukku amma, member of “Samagi” women farmers’ society. Members of Polpithigama Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya have actively engaged with developing home garden. The best three home gardens were selected among whole home gardens. Face masks also have been provided to the participants in the meeting. The women participants were educated about the right to life with the support of Praja Abilasha Network. Mr.Sanjeewa Sampath and Mr.Ajith Rupasinghe representing Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya participated in the meeting.